Maria Decosimo

Located in Westfield, N.J., Maria S. DeCosimo Architects has been a part of Westfield’s Downtown fabric for the past 26 years. With projects located locally, all corners of New Jersey and out of State, our project portfolio is extensive and boasts of design diversity. Our projects have been recognized for “Design Excellence” within the Architectural profession and have received Industry Design Awards. Our work has been featured in various Magazine publications and on a broad amount of House Tours in varying towns.
Our smaller sized firm brings personal attention to every project and open communication with every client.

Maria S. DeCosimo Architects is an innovative design firm devoted to creating timeless and inspirational architecture. We are ardent designers who work the project until we have developed the best design solution for the client’s budget, wishes list and their home; protecting their investment as a whole.

Our Residential and Commercial/Retail projects are designed in accordance with professional standards, codes and ethics. We work collaboratively within our office, the building departments, contractors, realtors and, most importantly, the owner.

We are devoted to hearing your needs and designing new spaces for a better quality of lifestyle or performing business.

Our focus is always on the full scope of your project and getting all the various puzzle pieces to fit. We design for function, circulation, scale, proportion which are all delicately and properly balanced. With visual and mental acuity, combined with a passion for detail, we develop the design to the client’s complete satisfaction. Project resolution includes new levels of creativity, beauty and excitement. All with attentive customer service.