The Habitatilist

“Every house is like a novel. Each room a chapter filled with wonder and discovery, shaping the character of it’s narrator. Good design informs our senses and creates a plot that leads us from room to room telling us the story of the home and the people who live there.”

Douglas Huebner -CEO | Principal Designer – The Habitatilist LLP

The Habitatilist is a full service Design Studio that helps clients create designs and renovations that are highly functional and aesthetically breathtaking. We believe that the environment that we place ourselves in affects us both overtly and subconsciously. Our surroundings dictate our mental state and our physical well being. Our job as designers is to work closely with our clients to create spaces that will be an antidote to the stresses inherent in our modern lifestyle. Constant communication throughout the process is the key to our success, and it all starts with what makes our clients happy, with what they love. We build on that to shape a space that evokes a visual and emotional response that coordinates with the desires of its inhabitants.