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2019 Cause

Owning a home is an aspiration for many. Throughout the stages of life, a home-owning individual might upsize, downsize, redesign, improve or upgrade a home. On the other hand, an individual might decide that owning a home is not for them — too much of a headache, too expensive, too little freedom compared to renting.

Regardless, where we live is an important consideration, and in many cases we walk a financial tightrope to obtain, sustain or maintain our home.

Due to a variety of circumstances, the balancing act we call life can render a slip off the tightrope, and loss can take the form of homelessness.

Isaiah House, a shelter in East Orange, NJ, aims “to reduce the prevalence of homelessness, hunger and unemployment throughout Essex County and more specifically, within the Oranges.”

Just six miles from The Woodland, site of the Resource Home Show, the Isaiah House is dedicated to the “most fragile” among us, those whose lives have been devastated by unemployment, illness, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, fires and crises. Isaiah House is unique in that it works diligently to keep the family unit of its residents intact by way of a driving belief in the power of love to augment an individual’s progress and development.

“A mom and dad, husband and wife, just mom or dad, or whatever the family makeup, they can remain together with their children at Isaiah House rather than having to separate and stay in multiple places,” says Executive Director Zammeah Bivins-Gibson.

Isaiah House has changed many lives for the better, providing temporary and permanent lodging, food, social and financial services, and “dignified and comprehensive servicing” that includes life-skills training, instruction in household and money management, job-search assistance, tutoring, on-site drug and alcohol support, and so much more.

Most importantly, Isaiah House has offered comfort and hope to thousands of families and individuals since 1988. The Resource Home Show is proud to partner with Isaiah House because Isaiah House is close to home.

If you would like to help, please visit the Isaiah House website.