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Rob White is a seasoned Interior Designer whose work has been featured on HGTV’s “Homes Across America” and at the very first DIFFA “Dining By Design.” Having moved to New Jersey from the Midwest, he found himself toying with the idea of opening a small boutique store. After having a design business for 30 years, he wanted to set up a shop to show what his clients describe as his ability to create interiors that are warm, inviting and friendly.

He likes to break “rules” of design, curating a collected look. Mixing and matching from different eras, old and new, as well as different styles, is his forte.

INSIDE HOME in Millburn shows exactly that. It’s a small store, but after spending a few moments inside, people often say, “I could live here.”

He believes that design should be fun, comfortable, and reflect your personality.

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